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About us

Our small czech family business takes care about lawns and about the whole garden.

Our job is our hobby, which allows us to take care about your garden as it was our own one. We use onle professional equipment and machines brand HONDA to reach the highest quality, sharp and perfect cut, yet the lawn is wet or set in the slope.

During the first visit you will tell us your idea about how your garden should look like. Thanks to that we will be able to suggest you which activities need to be done, so you could be fully satisfied!

It will be pleasure for us to help you clean the garden, park, driveway etc. up. Our service can be used not just in the main season, but we are able to help you also with snow removal, moving fallen leaves away and much more.

We will be also happy to help you build a pretty decorative garden, lay grass carpets, or to chose the right garden technique. Do you need fitting manures, seeding materials? We will provide you the best one!

Shortly… we are able to provide you everything related to the garden.

What do we do?

Dutiful care of your greenery in your gardens and parks

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Mulcher F – 600B

Honda UMR 435 L

Honda HRH 536 HX

Honda HBB 25




Honda UMK 425 L

Price list

2.50 CZK/ m²
  • Pruning the lawn
  • Recommended for spring and autumn
  • For better air intake
  • Limit multiplication of weeds
Other gardening
300 - 500 CZK/ hour
  • Using a brush cutter
  • Seasonal work based on your specifications

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+420 777 420 422

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